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You may not realize it, but I actually do draw non-pony stuff. In fact, I do a lot better with non-pony...…

So here's the deal. I've been here the last 2+ years, but real life had me by the balls. I haven't been able to make any artwork because I couldn't justify sitting down for hours every night when bills were going unpaid and real world work kept stacking up. Things were really overwhelming for a while, but I'm back on top now.

Unfortunately it's still really hard to convince myself to idle away hours every night drawing pictures and comics, even though I really do want to. As I've said many times before, plucked pegasii and drowned fillies just don't pay the bills. But since my last Date Night update the world of online artistry has changed. Now there is Patreon! Before the only way to make my artwork worth the time I invested in it was to hope for a commission and end up drawing something I usually wasn't too into, or go all out and try to make a dedicated art page with regular updates and ad revenue. Or I could do what it seems like 80% of all the other artist do and just shill out horse porn... But now, thanks to Patreon, I can continue to draw at my leisure my stories, you the fans get to continue to enjoy the work and I don't have to get drunk at bars and rant about how sites like this one have ruined the graphic artist industry!

All I ask is that those who loved my old stuff, those who want to see more, and especially those who want to know what happens to Pip and Luna pledge a small dollar amount for each completed work. Think of it as a group commission. You all pay a little and the art starts flowing again.

Please check out my Patreon page for more details.…

I'm new to this so I haven't figured out goals and rewards yet. But I anticipate that fairly soon I'll setup a goal of something like "Once I break the earning minimum wage per piece of artwork mark" there will be some sort of incentive like a free piece for everyone, and "Individual who makes a double digit pledge" gets a black and white request while "Individual who make a triple digit pledge" receives a full color request. Or something like that. I don't know yet.

Let's get this started. Once I see pledges start coming in the digital ink will flow!…

To all of you who continued to watch me throughout this long and unexpected hiatus, and especially those of you who took the time to wish me well during said hiatus; THANK YOU.

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Could I please have a status update on Date night? I miss it so much
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